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Ready to explore the wonderful world of hair?

Our classic and advanced hair courses are developed and led by the world renowned Saks Art Team... who provide the absolute best in UK hair training. 

These short courses inspire and reignite your hairdressing energy and are ideal for hairdressers of all levels including those seeking to fulfill CPD (Continuing Professional Development) or for those who just want to improve on their current skills.

Check out the latest hairdressing short courses at Saks Academies below:



This course shares the Saks signature hair cuts and finishing techniques that form the foundation of creativity and quality salon work.

It cover multiple cutting diciplines over 10 hair cuts including 3 fringes and a variety of finishing techniques to compliment your business.

This week long course is split into 5 days.

Day 1 - Perimeters and Waving

Day 2 - Layers and Curling

Day 3 - Layers and Texture

Day 4 - Graduation and Short Hair Finishing

Day 5 - Graduation and Sleek Finishing

Next Course Dates:

15th - 19th January 2018 - Darlington

15th - 19th January 2018 - Maidstone

19th - 23rd March 2018 - Darlington

19th - 23rd March 2018 - Maidstone

21st - 25th May 2018 - Darlington

14th - 18th May 2018 - Maidstone

16th - 20th July 2018 - Darlington

24th - 28th September 2018 - Darlington

17th - 21st September 2018 - Maidstone



This course is for all levels from trainee to experienced stylist wishing to improve standards and skills such as:

Classic highlighting, freehand techniques and bespoke lightening. Simply Colour is a techniques based course covering;

Day 1 - Classic Highlighting and Root Drag

Day 2 - Freehand and Bespoke Lightening Techniques

Next Course Dates: 

12th - 13th March 2018 - Darlington

18th - 19th June 2018 - Darlington

11th - 12th June 2018 - Maidstone

10th - 11th September 2018 - Darlington

3rd - 4th September 2018 - Maidstone



This course is for new and experienced stylists wishing to improve standards and skills. Perfect for those who want to learn the classic disciplines of men's hairdressing or as a refresher.

During the one day course you will cover;

- Long and Mid length hair cuts

- Masculine shapes

- Scissor over comb

- Clippper over comb

- Blending

Next Course Dates: 

8th January 2018 - Darlington

14th March 2018 - Maidstone

16th April 2018 - Darlington

30th July 2018 - Darlington

29th October 2018 - Darlington

1st October 2018 - Maidstone




Bringing advanced hair cutting to the salon environment, showcasing a variety of techniques which we can bring to life for our clients.

This course is for the hairdresser wanting to take inspirations back to the salon.

During the day you will cover;

- New section patterns and why we use them

- Advanced gradutation techniques

- Disconnections

- Fringes

- How to enhance using styling and finishing

- Product selection

Next Course Dates:

30th January 2018 - Darlington

6th February 2018 - Maidstone

15th May 2018 - Darlington

18th September 2018 - Darlington

9th October 2018 - Maidstone



The ultimate course in current colour techniques for colourists wanting to get creative and provide clients with Instagram worthy looks.

During the day you will cover;

- How to consult correctly for clients needs/quote colour change

- Creative Colour Bleed, Blending and Stretching

- Bleach and Tone

- How to take the perfect picture

Next Course Dates:

29th January 2018 - Darlington

7th February 2018 - Maidstone

14th May 2018 - Darlington

17th September 2018 - Darlington

10th October 2018 - Maidstone



This course is to celebrate and help recreate our 2018 All That And More Campaign looks.

Designed for stylists wanting to learn the cutting and styling techniques used to bring to life these trend focused, salon friendly, beautiful looks that will inspire your clients.

During the day you will;

- recreate the cuts used in the collection

- techniques used to style the cut

- how to turn your blow dry into a hair up

- how to photograph your look

Next Course Dates:

10th April 2018 - Darlington

30th April 2018 - Maidstone

10th July 2018 - Darlington

18th July 2018 - Maidstone

9th October 2018 - Darlington

16th October 2018 - Maidstone



For new and experienced stylists wishing to improve standards and skill. Perfect for those nervous of dressing long hair and also works really well as a refresher. 

During the day you will cover;

- Prepping

- Pleats

- Braiding

- Ponytail

- Using padding and nets

- Understanding client pictures

- Vintage styling

- Accessories

Next Course Dates:

5th February 2018 - Darlington

10th April 2018 - Maidstone

11th June 2018 - Darlington

15th October 2018 - Darlington

31st October 2018 - Maidstone



This interactive course is designed for all levels of stylist wanting to improve confidence when consulting with clients.

During this one day course you will cover;

- Case studies helping to understand client needs

- Learn how to look at client pictures and suitability and how to create desired look

- Speaking and listening skills

- Confidence building

Next Course Dates:

31st January 2018 - Maidstone

12th February 2018 - Darlington

25th June 2018 - Darlington 

12th September 2018 - Maidstone

22nd October 2018 - Darlington

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